Red Dead Redemption 2 Leaked Screenshot Actually For New Game “Wild West Online”

Red Dead Redemption 2 Leaked Screenshot Actually For New Game “Wild West Online”

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The Screenshot leaked yesterday was real but it was not take from Red Dead Redemption 2. Wild West Online is upcoming PVP MMO game and it’s creators DJ2 launch this year for PC.

The Creators of DJ2 Kickstarter a campaign which is set go live this month as Pcgamer told it’s start to launch $250,000 kickstarter at the of the month. The team already working on version of the game. The additional fund is expand to cover expansion of the game So pc gamer be ready to play this game on Pc.

Something For PC Gamers To Get Excited About!

Wild West Online Image - PC Game

Wild West Online set to launch this month for PC gamer and i can understand how excited you are to play this game but may be it’s not the right time to launch this game because mostly gamer more excited about Red Dead Redemption 2 launch & the Wild West Online will be same as Red Dead Redemption 2 so may be gamer don’t like that.

Fans of Red Dead Redemption are starving for more information about the Red Dead Redemption game prequel to the 2010 hit but Red Dead Redemption 2 not yet any official announcement of PC Launch So that is the plus point of the game Wild West Online.

Wild West Online Revealed – All The Images

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“There’s an audience for this that just wasn’t being served on PC.”

Stephan Bugaj


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“In Wild West Online it’s more about pitting lawmen against bandits against working class people caught in between.”

Stephan Bugaj


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It’s something that we’re still kicking around. There’s going to be story, character, and gameplay-driven motives to keep playing, but we haven’t yet fully worked out what the progression system is going to be for that.

Stephan Bugaj


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